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February 5 - 26, 2022
T293 Rome
T293 - Also on View: Isabella Ducrot - 1
T293 - Also on View: Isabella Ducrot - 1
T293 - Also on View: Isabella Ducrot - 1

T293 is pleased to present a new solo exhibition by Isabella Ducrot, a new chapter of the Also on View project. A few months apart from “Il Miracoloso”, Ducrot’s site specific intervention at Le Scalze in Naples in which the artist showed three large pieces figuring scenes inspired by the New Testament, a new series of smaller works on paper are on view at the gallery space in Rome

Through the use of pigments and different kinds of paper, Isabella gives shape to intertwined figures, dressed with folklorist colorful garments or nothing at all. Figuring these dressed and undressed bodies merging with one another, the artist plays with the dichotomy between what can be shown and what cannot, as well as what is considered sacred or, on the other hand, impure.

The antithesis between the divine and the mundane is central to many of the artist’s works, and the tenderness Isabella figures on these elegant compositions remains unsettled: are they a representation of sacred love or profane love? Mostly fascinated by the gestures and the particular details that bind the figures together, Ducrot is not interested in the precise meaning of these affections. The tenderness figured in her works can be carnal as well as it can be divine.