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Sonia Almeida
‘Is this my painting?’
December 8 2005 - February 4 2006

“Is this my painting? Is this who I am? Who could I be? And if most times I recognize what I see, some others I struggle to make sense of what’s in front of my eyes.” Sonia Almeida 2005

For Sonia Almeida painting is a process which explores the margins of painting’s iconicity, and its intrinsic properties in order to represent the image, through the choosing and selection of these constituent parts. Sonia Almeida draws from a linguistic ‘watering hole’ made up of minimal and abstract signs whilst letting herself be seduced in the application of chromatic and tangible traces that indicate the presence of a strong mnemonic component. Her approach resides in breaking down abstract and neo-modernistic grammar and using it as a visual structure that regulates the relationship between memory and perception. It is evidently one of her primary interests to reason on colour, on light and on signs, like ‘heteronymous’ elements that can revoke the shape of a sensorial experience unearthed from some corner of ones life. A quest which not only reflects on the historicized nature of certain paintings, but also on the problematic more closely connected with the constant and inherent uncertainty like a generator of emotions. Sonia Almeida’s paintings, arranged according to the nature and atmosphere of the space, are the attempt, through fragments and pictorial elements, to reconcile reflections and the pictorial act. The “pictorial representation” thus becomes the set for all of the above, of a process which hopes to lead the unstable to the stable through a tension that gathers in uncertain forms and unforeseen compositions.