Breaching charge 2

HN:S 6763, Hao Ni,Breaching charge 2, 2019
Hao Ni
found and customized objects on replica of breaching charge
210 × 103 × 10 cm (82 ⅝ × 40 ½ × 3 ⅞ inches)
The “breaching charges” are inspired by a fictional tactical breaching explosive mat used in “Rainbow Six Siege,” an online shooter game that centers around raids by special forces. The game is based on real-life governmental anti-terrorism unit operations. Players are divided into a defense team that reinforces walls and sets up barricades and traps to hinder attackers, and an attack team that raids buildings by breaking down walls and disabling traps in their attempts to eliminate the opponent. Players use the “breaching charge” tool to blast through spaces. In Ni’s show, these tools become quilts that narrate movement-based violence, specifically, authorities’ abilities to “move through walls” in dense urban environments to control people.