T293 is a contemporary art gallery located in via Ripense 6, in the historic Trastevere district of Rome.
T293 Space in Napoli (Via Tribunali 293)
T293 Space in Napoli (Via Tribunali 293)
Established in 2002 in an historical building in the heart of Naples, in Via dei Tribunali 293 – from which the gallery takes its name – T293 is initially conceived as a space dedicated to supporting emerging artists. Always characterized by a lucid awareness of current artistic practices and a strong research activity, the gallery is soon recognized by the experimental nature of its exhibitions and by the presentation of conceptually relevant artistic reflections.
T293 Gallery Rome
T293 Space in Rome
Despite its numerous transformations over time, T293 has retained the same approach to contemporary art and aesthetics to the current day. Changing its structure to become a commercial art gallery in 2006 under the direction of founder Paola Guadagnino and Marco Altavilla, T293 broadens its perspectives not only by addressing a global context but also by adopting a more decisive curatorial strategy. In 2010 the gallery opened its main office in Rome and is now located in Trastevere, an historical Roman district, in a space of over 400 m2 which preserves the original structures of the metal workshop that was in the past.
In the midst of these contrasts and challenges, T293 induces several generations of experts to a dialogue and welcomes a qualified and cosmopolitan audience, placing itself as the center of a cohesive professional network. The tireless dedication in identifying what’s new and unique in the complexity of the panorama of contemporary art has allowed the gallery to host the debut exhibitions of artists that are currently recognized as the most interesting figures in the global art scenario.

Presenting what it believes to be excellence in the sector, T293 wants to actively contribute to the development of contemporary art and visual culture through several generations of international artists, and it does so not only through a wide-ranging exhibition program, but also through the active support of projects and publications that act as catalysts for the development of new ways of seeing and contextualizing contemporary art.

Art Fairs

Frieze London
Lito Kattou, Solo presentation, Unworlding section, Oct. 13-17, 2021
Artissima XYZ
Isabella Ducrot, Solo presentation, Back to the Future Section, Oct.3-Dec.5, 2020 (Online)
Frieze New York
Trey Abdella, Solo presentation, Focus section, May 8-15, 2020 (Online)
Generations: Patrizio di Massimo – T293 / Horst P. Horst – Paci Contemporary