Eccho Reecho

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Brittany Miller
oil on canvas
122 × 152.4 cm (48 × 60 inches)
"Jameson Fitzpatrick is the figure in this painting. One image I was thinking about is an illustration in an article by Carl Jung in the New York Times from March 25, 1978 titled, 'Flying Saucers Perhaps a ’99 Percent Psychic Product',' which talks about some of the ideas in his book, Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky. The UFO shape at the top of the painting also draws from celestial objects that appear in Medieval and Renaissance religious paintings like Aert de Gelder’s Baptism of Christ. (I repeated this UFO shape in Transmission and Holy Grail.) The text in the book is from Jameson’s poem, Chorine, and reads, 'Elsewhere the angels I am sing.' The title comes from a letter from Jack Spicer in which he writes, 'Poems should echo and reecho against each other. They should create resonances'.” -Brittany Miller