Potlatch 4.2 / Sleeping Beauties Will Never Wake Up

NJ:I 6809, Norma Jeane,Potlatch 4.2 : Sleeping Beauties Will Never Wake Up, 2009
new appliances still packed, demolition tools, bases in wood and polyurethane foam
7 × 300 × 300 cm
During the vernissage of the exhibition, the public was involved in the realization of this work. Upon booking, twenty people had three minutes each, in total solitude, to interact with the appliances. These were placed on a specially made shock-absorbing base. The bases later became the pedestal that houses the residues of the household appliances, become abstract sculptures. On request, a portable CD player with headphones was provided to the performers to listen to the song Born Slippy (Underworld) during the action.At the crossroads between sacrificial rite, transgression of a taboo and free vandalism, the work is conceptually placed in between the critique of consumerism and the sacralization of the economic growth.