The Sceptical Structures of Max: 04

James Beckett,The Sceptical Structures of Max04, 2019
James Beckett
sheet chipboard, tubular chipboard profile, historical and modern objects, Flatbed printed text
185 × 145 × 39 cm (72 ⅞ × 57 ⅛ × 15 ⅜ inches)
Chipboard Burger, current (12/11/2019). 'Visual marketing -'CHIPS usually go with a burger - not really into one. Here is an example of a company on wholesale website Alibaba, presenting chipboard in combination with natural, mostly edible products such as fruits and wheat.Wanhua is a Chinese company founded in 2006, that uses such imagery, to promote their crop straw ecological board, made with formaldehyde-free resin, namelynon-toxic isocyanate (ie MDI), of which they are also one of the biggest producers 200,000 cubic meters of strawboard year, with plans to expand its capacity to 1,000,000 cubic meters by 2022.The attention-grabbing image of particle board pressed between hamburger buns is comical, and is possibly thought of in order to attract attention to the colour of the pictured particle board, with its particular shade of brown that resambles a cooked burger patty. A patty has more in common that just colour with this particle board however: it too is consistitued from minced parts which are then pressed together with force; and bound by a medium (egg, in the case of a burger) much like the phenol-resin for particle boards.