Untitled (Camp)

Claire Fontaine,Untitled (Camp), 2016
Claire Fontaine
recycled clothing and underwear, clothes pegs, wire and fittings
At Villa Medici Claire Fontaine hang clothes on clotheslines, using the architecture and the park of the Villa. The garments come from Humana People to People, an International Onlus, that supports migrants and refugees. Finally, describing the neon work Ma l’amore mio non muore, Claire Fontaine wrote that “a love that does not die has its reasons more often rooted in the past than in the present. Certainly this is because love has less a sense of reality than it has a sense of the possible and it is closely related with the future and the un-happened. That we love communism – and that we love it still – means for us that the future exists and is not the private property of today’s or tomorrow’s dominants.”