Also on View: Potrei diventare parte di te

Location T293, Rome
DateJune 1 - 29 July 29, 2022
T293 is pleased to present Potrei diventare parte di te, Numero Cromatico’s first gallery exhibition part of our Also on View project space.

Founded in 2011, Numero Cromatico’s artistic research is based on the scientific approach to art, with a focus on neuroaesthetics, aesthetic psychology, literature, digital humanities and visual communication. The members of the collective are researchers with backgrounds both in visual arts and neuroscience. Throughout the years, their artistic practice has evolved into different directions, including painting, environmental installations, artificial intelligence, as well as editorial and curatorial projects.

For the exhibition the collective presents new works of the series “Sempre Vivi” (2021-ongoing), which consists of flower mosaics on which texts generated by an Artificial Intelligence can be read. For this body of work Numero Cromatico makes use of P.O.E. (acronym for Poetry Of the End), an AI instructed by the collective to write texts about the end.

The project room is set up so that the public can enjoy the works but also live an enriched aesthetic experience. In fact, the collective, as usual, presents its work by also acting on the architecture of the space, through additional tactile, olfactory, visual and sound elements, in order to activate a deep relationship with the visitor.