MU:EX 7932, Michelle Uckotter,Also on ViewStairwells Ephemera Etcetera, 29 October - 3 December 2021

Also on View: Stairwells Ephemera Etcetera

Location T293, Rome
DateOctober 29 - December 3, 2021
Talk to me like I’m a child, please. 

I’m sick of choosing.
I’m sick of falling.
I want to hit the floor.
But, please god let me keep my brains about me.
I was berated last time for soiling the crossword .
I was never any good at crossword, it’s  too organic, and made by some man.
I want a godly game that flows from one fixed step to the next.
When Winning or finishing  is uninteresting we get to enjoy the way it feels to be locked In while the game plays itself out.
Every decision is made no where to fall out; rules feel like studs behind a wall.
My dream is to build a game made completely of studs and supports and rules and fixed outcomes.
No shopping. Just playing.

- Al Bedell
000507996_20211106183345_MU-P 7884

Something Like Fighting

oil pastel on board
101.6 × 76.2 cm (40 × 30 inches)
000508001_20211106183848_MU-P 7886

Girl on Bike in Void

oil pastel on board / pastelli ad olio su tavola
91.5 × 61 cm (36 × 24 inches)