HN:I 6646, Hao Ni,Ambush, 2019


ArtistHao Ni
LocationTaipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
DateApril 27 - July 21, 2019
In Ambush, artist Ni Hao presents new sculptures and installations which explore various systems and structures of power, speed and violence that are produced within geopolitics and resonate in everyday life. Many of the works are extensions of objects that are designed to effectively destroy, manipulate or control, such as guns, credit cards and machines. Musical instruments are also taken as constructions to process the aggressive effects of such structural mechanisms.

Two interactive plastic card shooting machines transform part of the exhibition space into a shooting range, as an interpretation of the ruthlessness that is enacted through the global financial system. A wind instrument machine powered by air compressors, accompanied by videos made in collaboration with professional drummers, studies the impact of movement, speed, and force through sound. Lastly, there are sculptures based on various armed conflicts that have taken place globally in recent years. Through these articulations, the work attempts to crystallize different violence in concrete forms

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