Amina-Toure K, Behind the Scenes; Tales of a Dreamer

LocationT293, Rome
DateJanuary 13 - February 24, 2023
We are pleased to present ‘Behind the Scenes; Tales of a Dreamer‘ the first solo exhibition in Europe by Ghanian artist, Columbus based artist Amina-Toure K.
Amina Toure-K.’s work is grounded in community engagement and aims to explore and visually represent stories around the coping behaviors of African diaspora populations in the United States. African immigrants share a common reality – a struggle to navigate and come to terms with complex novel cultures and traditions in their host environments.
Fascinated by human interactions and relationships, Amina Toure-K. follows the journey of African immigrant communities, from which she’s also part of, as they make efforts to create a sense of home and belonging for themselves in foreign spaces. While struggling to take on new identities to fit into unknown environments, they also have to deal with challenges resulting from separation from familiar cultures and the loss of reliable support systems. Through her work, the artist portrays different aspects of immigrant’s everyday lives as they engage in ordinary activities and establish rituals adopted from their respective countries in order to stay connected to their roots.

Baby Anaya

oil on canvas
164.2 × 164.2 cm (64 ⅝ × 64 ⅝ inches)
Amina Kassim,Game night

Game night

oil on canvas
164.4 × 184.6 cm (64 ¾ × 72 ⅝ inches)