Mundi de ideis

Mundi de ideis

LocationPerforming arts theater in Ibos, Hautes-Pyrénées, France
DateJune 11 - October 8, 2022
Sculptor and videographer, Caroline Mesquita works in different mediums with metal and video as active ingredients. The artist gives shape to monumental environments inhabited by strange sculptures and fictional sciences that seem endowed with life in that they carry multiple and changing identities.

Alternately sculptures, characters, humanoid robots, musical instruments, decorative elements and protagonists of her films or her installations, the indefinable works of Caroline Mesquita blur the landmarks, explode the scales, the aesthetic limits (contemporary art, dance, music, theater) and physical, thus refusing any artistic, social or gender determinism.

The places in which his projects take place also greatly inspire the artist. It is therefore often in "reaction" to a space, its use, its architecture, its history that Caroline Mesquita mobilizes her imagination. This is the very heart of his practice: creating environments on a human scale where the visitor is immersed.

At the Parvis, the artist takes over the place as a mental space and invites us to metaphorically witness the formation of the image and the work. In doing so, she continues her research, begun a few years ago, around the inner dimension of the body and what makes it work.

This time, it is in her cranial box, in the heart of her gray matter, that she brings us! To give us to see and understand how the cognitive and artistic act is constructed. To allow us to access what happens in her brain when she produces beauty, arouses emotion and brings out forms.

The exhibition is thus the invitation to an allegorical walk, physical and mental, inside a strange landscape appearing as dreamlike and bucolic but forming the personal cosmogony of the artist.

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