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New Horizons, Ephemeral Style

Location Nitja Centre for Contemporary Art
DateAugust 22 - September 19, 2021
The exhibition 'New Horizons, Ephemeral Style' brings together works by five artists that revolve around themes of nature and culture, the human psyche, and coexistence.

Traces also serve as a point of departure in Lorenzo Vitturi’s work, such as in the Caminantes series, for which he retraced his father’s journey from Venice across the Atlantic to Peru to open a Murano glass factory. Objects and materials from this trip, including Peruvian textiles, stones and minerals, ropes, and Murano glass, are included in the exhibition both as photographs and as a site-specific installation. By assembling these artefacts, Vitturi explores his personal history and reflects on cross-cultural encounters.

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