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Today Will Happen

ArtistHao Ni
Location 12th Gwangju Biennal, Gwangju
DateSeptember 11 - November 11, 2018
Today Will Happen brings together 12 artists from the French and Asian scenes who are inspired by language as a motor for invention and the metamorphoses of form. A poem by Michel Houellebecq, which has also provided its title to the exhibition, serves as a thread between the artworks. In it, the author describes the jaded access to self-awareness in an urban world that transforms bodies into projectiles.

An analogous process of transformation has been inflicted on Michel Houellebecq’s poem: Diffused through the space of the building, it is successively translated, reinterpreted, sung and distorted by a Korean poet, a group of pansori singers and a DJ, until it becomes totally unrecognizable. The poem is thus used as a material that inspires, before being blurred and modified once more by its association with the works in the exhibition.

The artists it brings together were chosen because their works offer equivalent usages and modes of apparition: singular processes, ruminations, or the echoing rumors of a poetic atmosphere. Images, deconstructions, bodily schemas grown hysterical, labyrinths of meaning allowing us to make our journey, the exploration of a disturbing thought, seeking out the geometry of its expression.

The exhibition is part of the “Off-Site” program of Palais de Tokyo and the Institut Français and is included in the Pavilion Project of the 12th edition of the Gwangju Biennale. The exhibition is co-produced and co-curated by Palais de Tokyo and the Asia Culture Center/ Asia Culture Institute.

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