Patrizio Di Massimo

Publishing Year: 2019
Publisher: CURA.
Editor(s): Stella Bottai and Patrizio di Massimo
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 133
Dimension: 24 X 30 cm
Language: English

ISBN: 978-88-99776-24-4

Published as the culmination of an important shift in Patrizio Di Massimo’s practice, this monograph – the first in the artist’s career – offers an in-depth survey of five years of his paintings. The multiple aspects of his work, from theatricality to the erotic, from self-representation to historical references, are analyzed through texts by: Marcella Beccaria, Diana Campbell Betancourt, Fabio Cherstich, Than Hussein Clark, Vincenzo de Bellis, Milovan Farronato, Nicoletta Lambertucci, Matthew McLean, João Mourão and Luís Silva, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Paulina Olowska, Alessandro Rabottini, Mathilde Rosier.

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