From the Studio: Si On

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Si On’s artistic practice is largely based on shamanism, which stands as a significant part of Korean culture, as well as on her own personal history. Having experienced a suffocating patriarchal society while growing up in South Korea, the artist is engaged at investigating topics such as sociocultural identity, grief, anger and sexual politics. Si On translates her personal experience of trauma into a broad range of formal approaches, creating vigorous and highly expressive paintings and sculptures.
From the studio: Si On
Si On,Ha!, 2020
Si On


oil on canvas
240 × 195 cm (94 ½ × 76 ¾ inches)
Si On,I lived well, 2020
Si On

I lived well

oil, spray on canvas
240 × 194 cm (94 ½ × 76 ⅜ inches)
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