Isaac Soh Fujita Howell

Studio Visit

"I usually prepare a painting by caking several layers of molding paste and white acrylic paint with a palette knife until the texture of the canvas is no longer visible. I sand the surface until it becomes flat and smooth, and from there I typically apply one or two thin layers of Payne's grey paint over the entire canvas. I like to paint my underpainting over a dark background, and sketch my composition with a neutral-toned grey color. Whenever I have to paint a straight line or circle, I'll use a ruler and score the surface with the edge of a blade: for curves and circles I use a metal tip compass. The white acrylic I built up during the surface preparation shows up as a guiding line once the greys are scored with the blade. Once the underpainting and the composition is figured out I apply thin layers of acrylic paint over and over. The first layers of colors are painted by block using a wider brush, and from there the shadows and highlights are sketched with many thin, watered-down layers of acrylic using a liner brush. This process usually has me painting with a brush in my right hand and a hair-dryer in my left to expedite the process." 
_Isaac Soh Fujita Howell