13a Bienal do Mercosul

Location 13a Bienal do Mercosul
DateSeptember 15 - November 20, 2022
The 13th Mercosur Biennial is investigating the work of artists that have included the narrative sequence formed by these three words - trauma, dreams and escape – in their works.

Martín Soto Climent will take part in the Biennal, at the Museo de Arte de Rio Grande do Sul, with the installation El luminoso revoloteo de la mariposa blanca. Stemming from his Gossip series, the installation however signifies a change in the work process, in particular with the color palette.

« Existence is a cycle of transforming energies and everything arises from a duality: fragility and strength, masculinity and femininity, dream and reality. I have always been interested in seeking unity and balance between this flow of universal vital energy through my artistic practice. I work with themes that emerge from intimacy and the deepest human condition and that disrupt certain aspects of what we can recognize as divinity.

This piece in its unity aspires to describe great diversity. Therefore the selection of the rainbow. These colors represent, as a symbol of very broad references and from a vast mythical imaginary, the divine dimension connected to the earth. As variety and alliance simultaneously. Both, the colors and the shapes that appear in this installation reveal the different facets that make up the composition of the work: corporeal sensations of energy and movement appear in the tights, visually the color of the shapes that the folds generate is very attractive, and we also recognize a suspended force as a gesture of tension. Working with flexible materials has shown me the existence of a strong expression of polarity. In addition to the gesture of strength and awareness to manipulate the material, on a more emotional and profound level, I discovered sensations that are triggered towards various themes such as dreams, escapes, and traumas; topics present in this Mercosur Biennial. »

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