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The Imaginary Sea

Location Fondation Carmignac
DateMay 20 - October 17, 2021
Combining photography, sculpture and installation, Martin Soto Climent's work feels dedicated to an almost fetishistic female cult, while referencing the legacy of the Surrealists.
Known for installations in which he uses pantyhose to play with the parameters of the exhibition space, he reimagines the Villa Carmignac's pines, creating floating compositions as odes to the moon and its symbolic feminine energy. Guiding currents and tides, the moon is linked to the sea mystically and scientifically.
Here, as part of The lmaginary Sea, Martin Soto Climent's work is inspired by an image of the moon's reflection in the water, cut out and poetically reassembled to form flying creatures-seemingly called up from the depths of the ocean.

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