Also On View: Si On “Born With A Void”

ArtistSi On
LocationT293, Rome
DateJuly 13 - September 8
The statuettes on display, embody female imaginaries that Si On describes and represents through disguise. In the text that accompanies the exhibition, the artist interacts with a hypothetical other than herself to whom she suggests, but more importantly allows to participate in the dressing up. She is imperatively asking and pleading in tone at the same time. The dress painted on the statue, does not merely represent a particular female character , nor even merely a habit of hers. It doesn't have to be be her stereotypical characteristic. The painted character is actually her only possibility of being and existing in the world.

There is a void that accompanies these existences, and it is the only way of knowing themselves. There is the awareness of being nothing, "but it's okay" though, she says. There is the possibility of feeling something or being someone, and eventually to become that one.

"Born With A Void" by Si On

Dress me up in a school uniform.
I will be in the school even if I'm bullied and have suicidal thoughts.
I will be a good girl because I wear school clothes.
I will just wait patiently until I get rid of the school uniform.

Dress me up in the boxer uniform.
I will fight to the blood even if I don't know why.
I need to fight because I know nothing.
But dress me up in the boxer uniform, I will be a fighter.

Dress me up in a silly bikini.
I will be lying down on a beach whole Summer.
Tanning my skin and getting tattoo on my butt.
I will remember how young and beautiful I was and I will be 18 forever.

Dress me up in the maid's uniform.
I will make a bed.
I will make a perfect house.
I will always be ready to serve you.

Dress me up in yellow hoodie.
I will run every day.
I will run till I can’t run.
It's ok, even I don’t know where I am running.
I will run day and night till I can’t even walk.

I was born with a void.
I've got big hole inside me.
I don’t know who I am. But that's ok.
Just dress me up so I know who am I.
I am nothing but I can be everything.
Just dress me, so I can do my part.
I will keep my role in my life.
Si On_Opere_25
Si On

Born with a void 3 (Schoolgirl), 2023

oil, ceramics, wood, canvas
48 3/8 × 23 5/8 × 16 1/2 inches
Si On_Opere_19
Si On

Born with a void 4 (Boxer), 2023

oil, ceramics, wood, canvas / olio, ceramica, legno, tela
48 7/8 × 24 3/8 × 17 3/8 inches
Si On_Opere_07
Si On

Born with a void 5 (Nice), 2023

oil, ceramics, wood, canvas
49 3/4 × 24 × 17 3/4 inches
Si On_Opere_01
Si On

Born with a void 6 (Bikini), 2023

oil, ceramics, wood, canvas
50 1/4 × 24 3/8 × 15 3/4 inches
Si On_Opere_12
Si On

Born with a void 7 (Maid), 2023

oil, ceramics, wood, canvas
5/8 × 24 3/8 × 16 1/2 inches

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