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Austerlitz was his name

LocationA Tale of A Tub, Rotterdam
DateFebruary 12 - April 3, 2022
The exhibition Zijn naam was Austerlitz/Austerlitz was his name marks the second edition of an annual collaboration between A Tale of A Tub and Tlön Projects and presents a variety of artworks selected from the imaginary collection of Tlön Projects. This imaginary collection is formed by the convergence of selected artworks from various international private art collections, whereby Tlön Projects aims to make artworks — that would otherwise have been largely shielded from the public — accessible.

For the second edition the Belgian art critic and curator Sam Steverlynck (1979) is invited, who organized a group exhibition based on the collection of Tlön Projects and takes W.G. Sebald’s (1944–2001) novel Austerlitz as a starting point. Almost coinciding exactly with the 20th anniversary of the premature death of influential German writer the exhibition takes the key work Austerlitz to tackle some of the literary techniques and themes that are elaborated in this novel: such as the impossibility of communication, memory’s unreliability, history’s latent life in the present, the use of found photographs to evoke or create memories and the unique combination of historic facts, autobiography and fiction.

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