Naples 01.18.08

LocationT293, Naples
DateJanuary 19 - February 24, 2008
T293 is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition by Martin Soto Climent (1977, Mexico City) in Italy. For the occasion, Martin Soto Climent offres a powerful portrait of Naples. The eroticism, the ancientness, just like the mixture of vitality and decay are aspects which pass through his sculptures, reinvigorating them of a deep sensuality. Soto Climent’s entire production is the result of his enchantment of the inorganic and of the desire to remove objects from real time. The artist examines the impersonal and neutral relationships that exist between things. Curtains, wheels, clothes completely dysfunctional and placed in a different way than usual, reveal themselves in all their physicalness and full of life experience. The intrinsic qualities of the objects are strengthened by their union and by the association of meanings which derive from them. Without being modified in their essence, they are placed side by side or bent or stuck together, generating emotional processes and the development of symbolical qualities.

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