Progetto Genesi. Arte e diritti umani

Location Villa Panza
DateSeptember 21 - December 8, 2021
The Genesis Project is articulated in a conceptual, temporal and thematic interweaving consisting of a traveling exhibition, in collaboration with the FAI, of the new contemporary art collection Genesis Collection , a rich program of educational activities aimed at the public of all ages and from a cycle of twelve online conversations in collaboration with the Catholic University.

The traveling exhibition presents the works of the new contemporary art collection Collezione Genesi, created by Letizia Moratti and developed thanks to Clarice Pecori Giraldi who oversaw the acquisitions, with the aim of giving life and voice to a very representative selection of works and artists capable of speaking to the public about the most urgent human rights issues.
The idea from which the conception of Progetto Genesi, of which the exhibition is part, originates is that contemporary art can assume the role of ambassador of human rights. Progetto Genesi, born interdisciplinary and multimedia, due to its radical commitment, vastness of horizons and breadth of the range of initiatives that compose it, is destined to represent a real unicum in the contemporary art system, not only in Italy.

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