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Reminiscences II

DateApril 4 - May 25, 2024
In the latest chapter of her ongoing project, Reminiscences, Hangama Amiri delves into her personal narrative by translating her parents' post-Afghanistan exodus photographs into intricate fabric compositions. Over the span of nine poignant years, her father embarked on a journey to Norway and later Denmark in pursuit of a brighter future for his family, while her mother nurtured Amiri and her siblings in Tajikistan amidst the challenges of refugee life.

Each work in this series serves as a vibrant tapestry of textures and hues meticulously crafted by Amiri. Through a meticulous process, she shapes an array of fabrics, seamlessly sewing them onto a base textile to construct a visual narrative of patches and threads. Layering multiple chiffons to achieve precise tones and incorporating both sides of printed fabrics for added depth, Amiri infuses her creations with materials that encapsulate the essence of her subjects. Broadening her artistic spectrum, Amiri adorns the exhibition space with fabric-clad walls interspersed with painted sections, seamlessly integrating her textiles into the environment.

In addition to her fabric interpretations of her parents' photographs, Amiri intertwines archival imagery with personal memories in her work. Certain depictions of her mother, elegantly attired in fashionable clothing with flowing hair, feature subtle details like lipstick accents on a vanity adorned with beauty products. These everyday items were a way to practice her desire and admiration towards beauty, care, and perseverance.

Balancing roles as both artist and curator, Amiri carefully selects images from their shared history during the separation period, seamlessly weaving new visuals with correspondence and infusing her own nostalgia into the intricate details. By purposefully concealing identifying features in her titles and maintaining anonymity around her subjects, she prompts viewers to reflect on their own narratives, fostering an imaginative dialogue with the poignant story unfolding before them.

Hangama Amiri (Afghan Canadian, born 1989) is a textile artist based in New Haven, Connecticut, exploring themes of home, gender, social norms, and geopolitical conflict's impact on women, particularly in Afghanistan and the diaspora. Her focus on everyday objects and the power of representation shapes her artistic narrative. Amiri's educational background includes an M.F.A. from Yale School of Art in 2020, a B.F.A. from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in 2012, and another B.F.A. from Olimov College of Art in Dushanbe, Tajikistan in 2005. Her selected solo exhibitions include "A Homage to Home" at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City in 2024, "Rumi: Distance Between Homes" at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, and A Homage to Home, The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, both in 2023. Amiri has also participated in various group exhibitions such as "Sharjah Biennial 15th: Thinking Historically in the Present" in Sharjah, UAE in 2023, and "Narrative Threads: Fiber Art Today" at The Moody Centre for the Arts in Houston, in 2023.
Man with Vase of Tulips
Hangama Amiri

Man with Vase of Tulips

muslin, cotton, chiffon, velvet, polyester, silk, suede, and linen
159 × 136 cm (62 ⅝ × 53 ½ inches)
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Hangama Amiri

New Year’s Eve

muslin, chiffon, coton, mesh, silk, polyester, suede, and linen
183 × 128 cm (72 × 50 ⅜ inches)
Hangama Amiri

Mother’s Day

muslin, cotton, denim, chiffon, silk, polyester, suede, gauze, and linen
150 × 98 cm (59 × 38 ⅝ inches)
000558580_20220901163922_HA_FW 8244
Hangama Amiri

Portrait of a Woman with her Son

muslin, cotton, polyester, dyed fabric, velvet, chiffon, sued, embroidery pattern, silk, and found fabrics
173 × 122 cm (68 ⅛ × 48 inches)
000558583_20220901164042_HA_FW 8245
Hangama Amiri

Woman Before A Mirror

muslin, cotton, polyester, dyed fabric, velvet, chiffon, silk, sued, and found fabrics
185.5 × 136 cm (73 × 53 ½ inches)
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Hangama Amiri

Portrait of a Woman with Denim

muslin, cotton, chiffon, polyester, suede, wallpaper, faux leather, vinyl paper, clear vinyl, Kodak photo, postcard, silk-chiffon, velvet
190.5 × 179 cm (75 × 70 ½ inches)
000558593_20220901164544_HA_FW 8249
Hangama Amiri

Man Resting in the Park

muslin, cotton, polyester, chiffon, denim, sued, silk, inkjet print on silk-chiffon, and found fabrics
106.7 × 152.5 cm (42 × 60 inches)

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