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Location Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv
DateNovember 21, 2018 - January 27, 2019
Where democracy is under pressure and crisis reigns, alternative participatory models are developed, as evidenced by the recent worldwide gulf of revolts and protest movements. One of the brightest among them was the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine. In times of social and political transitions and disturbances there is an urgent need for art. Not because art can change reality, but because it serves as an ideal tool to visualize and predict changes. Art creates space for reflection and contemplation, where alternative pathways can be imagined and where new, critical perspectives can be developed. Art allows us to ask what we can learn from the recent gulf of protest movements such as the Revolution of Dignity?

‘Revolutionize’ is an international research and exhibition project that brings together art and museum institutions from Ukraine and the Netherlands. 30 contemporary artists and art groups from 15 countries through the language of installation, painting, multimedia, video and photo speak about the revolutionary events, and analyze the revolution as a social phenomenon. A personal, critical, and retrospective view focuses on a special historical event – the Revolution of Dignity. The exhibition also presents artifacts from the National Museum of the Revolution of Dignity collection.

Participants’ and artworks’ diversity is an attempt to go beyond the already acquired patterns of the Revolution of Dignity perception. ‘Revolutionize’ puts Ukrainian events into a wider world context, presenting simultaneously the uniqueness and universality of certain situations, events and phenomena. The exhibition demonstrates that the aspiration for freedom, decent living standards, respect for citizens are the universal values shared by all people.

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