TEDxVaduz redux

LocationT293, Rome
DateFebruary 27 - April 1, 2014
TEDxVaduz ( was the first officially licensed, independently organised TED event in Liechtenstein, which happened at the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein on 7.12.2013. It began as a collaborative project between Daniel Keller and Simon Denny as an aim to produce an event that would be in direct dialogue with TED, the strongest brand for spreading ideas on the planet and a format-defining benchmark for tech-economy communication forms like pitches and conference talks. The exhibition at T293, will present many of the artefacts associated with TEDxVaduz including the resultant videos and slide presentations in a concentrated installation. Central to the presentation will be the stage, designed by Keller and Denny – which served as the set for the talks. This stage contains a backdrop composed of a tag cloud made from the most used words in TED talks and an HD rendering of Liechtenstein as a tropical island in a clear blue sea. Also exhibited will be objects and images by Peter Fend, Femke Herregraven, Daniel Keller, Katja Novitskova and Emily Segal that relate to the presentations of the speakers. Condensed reconsiderations of each presentation in the form of wall mounted sculptural vitrines made by Denny will focus the exhibition on key moments in the talks. Here imagery and quotes from the presentation encase a special series of display cakes, iced with the successful application from TED – producing “TEDxVaduz atmospheres”.

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