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The Dreamers, 86th October Salon

Location Belgrade Biennale 2021 Belgrade
DateJune 26 - August 22, 2021
The 2021 Belgrade Biennale, titled The Dreamers intends to question not only the misleading and ambiguous nature of the real but the space occupied by dreams - intended as the metaphorical embodiment of a space of freedom - which is able to challenge the certainty of the real world, of acquired knowledge and of our own beliefs.

For the Biennale, Simon Denny reactivates a recent work, in which a series of felt tip drawings and photographs, simultaneously documenting and critiquing debate sessions from the European Parliament’s Next Generation Internet Summit, are adapted to the exhibition space with a few new elements. Conceived as a further chapter of the artist’s ongoing research investigating the European regulatory activity begun in 2017, the installation is a reflection on how the expansion of the internet and the power of technological platforms influence both political and social dynamics in the contemporary world.

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