Antologia/Anthology (2013-2023)

LocationMusei Civici – Palazzo Pianetti, Jesi
DateApril 23 - September 3, 2023
The Civic Museums of Palazzo Pianetti and the Cassa di Risparmio di Jesi Foundation present the Antologia/Anthology (2013-2023) by Patrizio di Massimo. The artist, born in Jesi and living in London today, works through the depths and intimacy of things, in search of his own balance between himself and reality. The topics covered and the originality of his style flow into refined and emblematic forms of representation, reinterpreting the pictorial legacy of great masters of the past. The exhibition is set up in the historic center of Jesi in Palazzo Pianetti, where the artist's works dialogue with masterpieces by Lorenzo Lotto, and where in Palazzo Bisaccioni a nucleus of works related to the theme of the self-portraiture are represented.

Antologia/Anthology (2013- 2023) brings together twenty-five paintings, mainly large-scale, together with a series of drawings and a ceramic installation. All works have been realized in the past ten years, which testify to the evolution of a pictorial research which combines historical references to twentieth century art (in particular Otto Dix and Christian Schad, but also Achille Funi and Gio Ponti) as well as familiar scenes of everyday life, revisited in a fantastic and symbolic key.

The exhibition itinerary, defined by the two curators Massimo Vitangeli and Ludovico Pratesi, is articulated through several thematic nuclei that have characterized the work of Patrizio di Massimo: the Self-Portrait, Portrait and Family Portrait, Quarrels, Love Stories, and Esoterics. This is the largest anthology ever presented by the artist, accompanied by a catalogue, which brings together more than one hundred works, published by the prestigious publishing house Quodlibet.

On this occasion, the artist has also created a large triptych inspired by the Deposition by Lorenzo Lotto, present in the collection of Palazzo Pianetti, and an intimate self-portrait for Palazzo Bisaccioni, which confronts the famous artists of the past present in the ancient art collection.

To the White Rose and the Robin (Triptych)

left panel (framed): 154 × 104 cm (60 ⅝ × 41 inches) central panel (framed): 154 × 154 cm (60 ⅝ × 60 ⅝ inches) right panel (framed): 154 × 104 cm (60 ⅝ × 41 inches)

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