PDM:EX 8087, Patrizio Di Massimo,Kathmandu Triennale 2077, 2022

Kathmandu Triennale 2077

Location Kathmandu Triennale
DateMarch 1-31, 2022
Through his work, Patrizio Di Massimo sets up a vocabulary with endless combinations of information and references: from Renaissance painting, to the icons of contemporary photography, unidentified images found on the internet, and an archive of personal drawings and photographs.

In this contemporary interpretation, Di Massimo retells the biblical miracle story of Saint Cosmas and Damian as they appeared to a verger in a dream, dressed in the full finery of academic doctors, to rid him of a disease that was eating away the flesh of his leg. The saints cut off the bad limb and transplanted the leg of a dead Ethiopian man who had just been buried in a nearby churchyard. When he awoke, the verger found that he had a healthy black leg, while the African's body now lacked a limb.

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